Be a Recruiter with Catholic Volunteer Network!

Catholic Volunteer Network is now accepting applications for Short-term Recruitment Associates. We are looking for recent volunteers who enjoy talking about their service experience and assisting others as they discern the call to service. Here is a more information about the position: 

Former volunteers who love to travel and talk about their service  experience are encouraged to apply for our Recruitment Associate positions. These positions involve visiting schools in major cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, New York, Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia, among many others to promote volunteer opportunities to college students with Catholic Volunteer Network member programs. The positions will run from mid-August through mid-December. While not on the road, the Recruitment Associates are based in the Catholic Volunteer Network office in Takoma Park, Maryland. Catholic Volunteer Network will provide training, resources, $1200/month stipend, and health insurance coverage. Please see the attached job description for more details. 

To apply, please submit a cover letter and resume to Katie Mulembe at The deadline for applications is Wednesday, May 16, 2012. 

Volunteer in Alaska

It's an opportunity of a lifetime, at the top of the world!

Volunteer for KNOM Radio in Nome, Alaska, and receive invaluable experience at a nationally recognized radio station.

We have one position open on our volunteer team for 2012-2013. APPLY TODAY.  Join KNOM’s small team of volunteers and staff.  Take part in the mission to entertain, inspire, engage, and inform our listeners in Western Alaska.

Provide service to the region through your voice on KNOM’s airwaves. The volunteer program at KNOM Radio truly is an unique and rewarding
opportunity, at the top of the world.

*No experience required.* Commit to live and work at KNOM Radio in Nome, Alaska for a year, and we’ll provide the training! Live in a community house with other volunteers, and work full-time at the station next door.  Report on news in Nome and the rest of Western Alaska. DJ live, on-air.  Write, voice, and produce your own radio pieces. Travel across the region to cover stories and attend cultural events. Cover the end of the Iditarod Trail sled dog race. Gain invaluable experience in broadcasting at a  nationally award-winning radio station. We just ask that you have a bachelor’s degree, and are able to write and speak in clear, unaccented English.

*Where is Nome?* Nome is a community of 3500 located on the Bering Sea, an 1.5 hour flight northwest of Anchorage. It is a hub for smaller Alaska Native communities, to whom KNOM broadcasts, across 100,000 sq. miles. Nome has a fully equipped gym, a remote campus of the University of Alaska-Fairbanks, and a movie theater. It is a wonderful community offering a wide range of opportunities to become involved; from community theater to volunteer ambulance service, church activities to community sports tournaments. And there is plenty of wilderness to explore. Go hiking and salmon fishing in the summer. Throw on a parka in the winter, and go crabbing on the frozen sea or snowshoeing in the snow-covered country.

*How does it work? *KNOM pays travel expenses for you to and from Nome for your year of service. Receive room & board in a warm, comfy house, and a monthly stipend. Earn $5000 to cover past or future educational expenses. Health insurance is provided.

*Visit us online to find out more!* Check out our website to find out more about KNOM and our mission. Visit for FAQ’s and links to download the application.

*More Questions? *Email, and we’ll be happy to answer any
questions you have.

Your Adventure Awaits.